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Whether you prefer the style of the Jaguar XE, the space of the Jaguar F-PACE, or the speed of the Jaguar F-TYPE, there's another big decision you'll have to make: how to finance your vehicle. Luckily, the experts at Jaguar Exeter are more than qualified to help you choose a plan that matches your goals and lifestyle. Our Exeter, New Hampshire Jaguar dealership offers plenty of options including conventional auto loans and competitive Jaguar lease plans. Because we're dedicated to exploring all of your Jaguar financing options, you'll always find the best situation for you and your next vehicle. Review our helpful guide below, then contact Jaguar Exeter to get the process started today!

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A Leasing vs Buying Guide

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Should I Finance or Lease My Next Car?
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Auto Leases:

If you're the type of driver that would prefer to upgrade and change your vehicle every few years rather than have the same car for a while, you should choose an auto lease. Opting for a lease allows you to have the flexibility you require, as once your lease is up, you can hand in the keys and pick out a newer model. You can also choose to purchase your current car, creating an easier trade-in process overall. Jaguar Exeter offers great lease options, which typically result in a lower monthly payment than a loan. Since you'll lease a new car, another benefit is that there will be minimal repairs needed, and most service will be covered under the warranty, so you can save valuable time by eliminating excess routine service trips. You can also expect a lower down payment when you select a Jaguar lease. If you drive over your mileage limit, terminate your lease early, or you break your contract in any other way, you can expect to pay fees for changing the terms of your lease agreement. Get in touch with our Jaguar leasing center to start the process today!


Auto Loans:

An auto loan, on the other hand, offers ownership. If you love the idea of growing older with your car, conventional Jaguar financing will get you there. Once you're done paying off the loan, you'll officially own your vehicle. And since you're not locked down with a short-term lease, you can enhance your vehicle with performance parts, custom paint jobs, and upgraded tires so that you can customize your vehicle however you see fit. Loans are the way to go when you're eager to personalize your car inside and out. You'll also be able to drive as much or little as you want because car loans aren't constricted by milage limits. Take all the road trips you want around New Hampshire! With Jaguar financing, after Jaguar EliteCare and other warranty options, you'll be in charge of repairs, service, and maintenance. Some drivers love the idea of getting under the hood of their performance car, while others prefer to avoid it if possible. Reach out to our Exeter, NH Jaguar financing center to learn more about our financing and loan options.


Choose the Right Jaguar Financing Plan for You

Whether you choose one of our Jaguar lease options, Jaguar financing options, or to purchase the vehicle outright, Jaguar Exeter will help you through the process. Our experts help drivers from Portsmouth, Peabody, and Exeter secure the financing options they deserve. We work hard to develop great relationships with banks and lenders so you can find a plan that works for you. If you're still not sure whether an auto loan or car lease is for you, our financing specialists can walk you through your specific model, reviewing your trade-in options and estimating your monthly car payments. Ready to get started? Call our local Exeter, NH Jaguar financing center today!

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