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Jaguar F-TYPE makes its action star debut in upcoming movie, Collide

Hey folks, do you love fast cars, epic stunts, and action movies? Well, lucky for you, so do we here at Jaguar Exeter, and we've got something awesome to show you. This week, Jaguar released some trailer footage of the upcoming action movie, Collide. How did Jaguar come into possession of this footage? Well, it just so happens that Jaguar plays a big part in the movie. 


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The Jaguar F-TYPE R: A Mashable Review

On October 10th, Mashable posted a review of the Jaguar F-TYPE R written by Chris Perkins. "Like the E-Type before it," he writes, "I'd [argue] the F-Type is just about the best-looking car on sale today. It manages to be muscular, but not in the way an anabolically enhanced athlete is muscular. Somehow the F-Type is both punchy and subtle, masculine and feminine."

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