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Jaguar XKSS Returns

Rarely do you see a car manufacturer spend the time, and the resources to resurrect a classic model. They have have moved on and that car has merged with antiquity. But, one car is Jaguar’s history stands out as such a legendary vehicle, that it is worth the reincarnation. That car is the Jaguar XKSS.


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Jaguar F-TYPE makes its action star debut in upcoming movie, Collide

Hey folks, do you love fast cars, epic stunts, and action movies? Well, lucky for you, so do we here at Jaguar Exeter, and we've got something awesome to show you. This week, Jaguar released some trailer footage of the upcoming action movie, Collide. How did Jaguar come into possession of this footage? Well, it just so happens that Jaguar plays a big part in the movie. 


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Never Fumble for Keys Again with the Jaguar XJ

Keys can often be an annoying thing to deal with.

You may be in a scrambled rush to get somewhere on time, desperately fumbling with your pockets to get your vehicle unlocked. Or maybe your hands are completely full with groceries, unable to reach and locate your keys to lock up before you head inside.

Looking for a solution? The Jaguar XJ has you covered.

This savvy model offers the passive keyless entry system, an important feature that allows you to get your vehicle locked and unlocked without ever touching your keys.

The video below highlights how the keyless system…

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Jaguar F-PACE Muddies Up, Impresses Reviewers

Coming this spring, the long-awaited Jaguar F-PACE will arrive in dealerships. After three years of waiting, we can't say enough about how excited we are. The first-ever Big Cat crossover is large, in charge, and undeniably lavish. If you're wondering whether or not it'll fit into your driving needs, we have good news. A first-drive report was just posted.

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Learning to Use the Keyless Entry on Your 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE

Did you find a new 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE under the tree this Christmas? We sure hope so! But if you did, there's a chance that you didn't get the full and detailed rundown of the Jaguar F-TYPE's innovative new technological features that you would get at Jaguar Exeter.

Luckily, the Jaguar brand has got your back, with informative "How To" videos to help out new owners!

This video features a step-by-step explanation…

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