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Ian Callum on the Jaguar XE's Design

"If someone said to me, 'Design a car that looks very static and, let's say, conservative...' I don't want to use the word safe, because all the connotations, but safe in terms of its character, [a car] that's going to look tame. I could design that. But it wouldn't be a Jaguar."

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Jaguar Teases the Upcoming XE Sport Sedan in Stylish New Road Trip Video

In a new teaser video from our automaker, actor Idris Elba takes the upcoming XE sport-sedan, a soon-to-arrive addition to our Jaguar model lineup, on a road trip from London to Berlin. And the results are quite impressive. Have a look for yourself, below.

The advanced nature of this model starts right on the exterior. The XE was made with the all-new Advanced Aluminum Architecture; which both lightens, and stiffens the model, aiding in handling…

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Idris Elba to drive all-new Jaguar XE from Londron to Berlin in 2015

The Jaguar brand just revealed an epic journey set to take place in October, 2015, starring British actor Idris Elba and the all-new Jaguar XE. Take a look at this little teaser.

Our team at Jaguar Exeter thinks it almost unfair that we are to wait so long before the official journey takes place. To fill the time, though, we have plenty of inside information on the new XE we're excited to share with…

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Jaguar XE Compact Sport Sedan Set for Global Launch in 2015, for the U.S. in 2016

The competition in the luxury compact sport sedan segment has been in safe standings...until now.

At the Geneva Auto Show, Jaguar announced the details of the brand's new compact sport sedan, the Jaguar XE, and with the characteristic performance, style, and stealth of all new Jaguar models, the XE will have a strong entrance when it launches globally in 2015.

The Jaguar XE will complete the sedan lineup and join forces with the…

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