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Jaguar F-TYPE makes its action star debut in upcoming movie, Collide

Hey folks, do you love fast cars, epic stunts, and action movies? Well, lucky for you, so do we here at Jaguar Exeter, and we've got something awesome to show you. This week, Jaguar released some trailer footage of the upcoming action movie, Collide. How did Jaguar come into possession of this footage? Well, it just so happens that Jaguar plays a big part in the movie. 


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The Spirit of the Classic Jaguar E-Type Lives On

Although it has been over 50 years since the American debut of the iconic Jaguar E-Type, the spirit of the spectacular sports car lives on in the modern-day, high-performance Jaguar F-TYPE.

Launched around the same time the Beatles landed in America, the British-made sportscar included advancements like all-disc brakes and an independent rear suspension, the latter of which competing models didn't have until several years later.

Curious to see the E-Type's spiritual predecessor…

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Jaguar F-TYPE a True Getaway Car

Whether you need to get away or you simply need a lovely getaway, the Jaguar F-TYPE is  your solution.

For a getaway, the F-TYPE combines Jaguar's beauteous style and luxury with unrivaled power with a 340 horsepower V6 Supercharged engine and 8-speed "QuickShift" ZF® transmission with Sport mode and b>Intelligent Stop/Start. A Sport Exhaust with venter-mounted twin exhaust pipes give you the jaguar flare and the Jaguar Performance Braking System with silver…

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