How Important is the Engine Cooling & Radiator Servicing

The cooling system is a complicated mix of several moving parts that all need to work as one to keep the engine from overheating. Here are a few of those components and how they work.
  • The radiator works with the fan to cool the engine fluids as they pass through tiny fins. If either is not working properly, the engine could overheat quickly.
  • The water pump has to be able to move the coolant from the block to the radiator and back. The belts need to not only be tight, they need to be in good condition to keep the…
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What is a full-size temporary spare tire?

Spare tires have been with vehicles since their invention. Even covered wagons carried a spare or two in case of a mishap. Today nearly every vehicle on the road carries a spare tire in case of a flat. Spare tires are essential for any driver on any trip.

Since the concern for vehicle fuel economy, manufacturers have sought ways to lighten the load. One of the first methods manufacturers turned to was lighten spare tire. Lightening the spare tire involved using a lighter wheel, usually low-grade steel, and a tire with less tread. When using one of these temporary tires…

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How to Test Your Vehicle's Battery

Virtually every driver wonders at some point whether their vehicle's battery is working properly. If you're having difficulty starting the car and our battery is several years old, it could be the culprit. Checking your battery's status is easy if you have the right tools.

After locating your battery, it's time to test. Remember that red leads go to the positive battery cable and black leads go to the negative one. Set your battery meter to the DC volts setting. The voltage reading on the screen will indicate your battery's health. Full battery power is…

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Exhaust Leaks: Signs to Watch For

As you drive around in Exeter, it’s important to know the signs to watch for if you have an exhaust leak. Your exhaust system is responsible for reducing the sound while you drive as well as preventing carbon monoxide from entering the cabin.

If you have a rattle in your gas pedal or you have reduced fuel efficiency, it could be a sign of an exhaust leak. You may also hear a loud noise when you drive or smell fumes in the cabin of your car.

The moment you notice any of these signs, you should make an appointment…

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Synthetic Motor Oil - When You Might Need It

You may have heard all the great things about synthetic motor oil and wonder if your car requires synthetic motor oil. The quickest way to find out is checking the owner’s manual, which will tell you what type and kind of oil you need. Another option is stopping at Jaguar Exeter and talk to one of our highly-trained technicians.

You can use synthetic motor oil even if your car doesn’t require synthetic oil. Here are some reasons you may want to use synthetic motor oil.

• Offers better performance and protection
• Works better in extreme cold or hot temperatures…

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Care for Your Tires by Filling Them Correctly and Watching Out for Their Treads

The treads on your tires help you have a grip on the road. The air in your tires can help with that, too. Maintaining tires is important, and we can help you with that when you need professional assistance.

When your tires are overfilled, you will not have the grip on the road's surface that you would like to have. This can be dangerous. When your treads are worn down, you will slip when you try to stop your vehicle. When your tires are not filled enough, they will sink, and that can cause issues. Your tires must be…
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Cabin and Air Filter Assistance

There are a number of parts on your vehicle that routinely should be serviced or replaced in order for your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. Air filters are commonly found in the engine and the cabin of your vehicle.

The cabin filter is designed to provide you with healthy air quality while you are driving, and the engine's air filter is designed to help your vehicle run cleanly. Both of these items should either be cleaned (if they are washable and serviceable) or they can be replaced as part of your routine service that you have done like…

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Does Your Car Need Exhaust System Maintenance?

The exhaust system in your car does more than keep your car quiet. Toxic fumes created by your combustion engine are cleaned by the catalytic converter and sent out to the environment through the muffler. If you are driving down the road and you hear a loud noise, you probably need your exhaust system checked.

If you are driving your car and it feels like your engine doesn't have any power, it's time to bring your car in to Jaguar Exeter to see what is wrong. 

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The Move Over Law To Help Save Lives

If you are not familiar with the "Move Over Law" it is time to. Every state has this law and it means that as a driver you are required to move into another lane is possible when you are passing a vehicle stranded on the side of a road. 

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