Drive Safe This Winter With These Tips From Jaguar Exeter

The holidays are a stressful time to drive for most people who are in a rush to make purchases or take trips to visit family and friends. Planning your shopping and travel early can help with the driving stress and safety. Here are some tips from Jaguar Exeter to keep you driving safe and relaxed during the holiday rush:

  • Come into our location in Exeter, NH to get your car serviced. If you don't have the time to get your car serviced, check your tires and fluids regularly.
  • Plan a shopping list for the holiday season and shop earlier in the day to avoid the rush. Shopping online is also a good alternative to avoid traffic on the roads and in the stores.
  • Leave a day late. If you don't have far to go, leaving on the day of the holiday is safer than the day before.
  • Leave later. The day after a holiday will have the roads congested with traffic, and you can stay an extra day to avoid the stress.

Stop by our showroom to ask our friendly Jaguar sales staff questions about holiday traveling and have your car serviced while we chat!

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