Jaguar XKSS Returns

Rarely do you see a car manufacturer spend the time, and the resources to resurrect a classic model. They have have moved on and that car has merged with antiquity. But, one car is Jaguar’s history stands out as such a legendary vehicle, that it is worth the reincarnation. That car is the Jaguar XKSS.

According to, the Jaguar XKSS is considered the world’s first supercar, but despite the title, only 16 were made from 1954-1956. A total of ten “new originals” are being produced. The first was debuted at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles this past year, and nine others will be hand made and delivered throughout this year. Each costs more than £1 Million.

It is a prime example of the longevity of Jaguar’s superiority in crafting automobiles, and if you want to see where that path has lead us now, look no further than our new inventory.

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