Unconventional Products Add Traction to Your Driveway

If you are traveling this winter season, there are a few items that you should have in your vehicle to ensure that you will be prepared in the event of an emergency. Some unconventional items to have on hand include a good amount of sand, cat litter, or salt.

Why include these items? If you get stuck – and you likely will with snow and ice on the roadways - all you need to do is sprinkle the stuff around your tires to help you get out of a slippery situation. Sand is a great choice because it is cheap but it may be hard to find in stores. Salt is more readily-available, especially during the winter season, but it can tend to cause your car to rust. Kitty litter is excellent at adding traction, but it can tend to get gooey after a while. Work quickly and be safe!

We want to remind you from all of us here at Jaguar Exeter to always travel prepared. Warm wishes for the upcoming seasonal holidays!

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