Jaguar F-TYPE makes its action star debut in upcoming movie, Collide

Hey folks, do you love fast cars, epic stunts, and action movies? Well, lucky for you, so do we here at Jaguar Exeter, and we've got something awesome to show you. This week, Jaguar released some trailer footage of the upcoming action movie, Collide. How did Jaguar come into possession of this footage? Well, it just so happens that Jaguar plays a big part in the movie. In fact, you could even say that it's one of the stars, and it's doing all its own stunts!

Collide follows star Nicholas Hoult as a reformed career criminal on a mission to save his fiancé. Embroiled in a bitter war between underworld kingpins, played by Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley, Hoult must use his wits, skills, and of course, white-knuckle driving prowess, to complete his mission and save the love of his life. And his vehicle of choice for this endeavor? The incomparable Jaguar F-TYPE. With its lightning quick acceleration and responsive handling, this vehicle proved the perfect action movie co-star. Admittedly it does take a few heavy hits in the film, but thanks to Jaguar's immaculate construction, the F-TYPE holds its integrity surprisingly well.

Collide will be making its way to theatres later this year, but if this footage has got you itching for an exhilarating driving experience, feel free to visit us at Jaguar Exeter to experience the pure thrill of driving a Jaguar F-TYPE today! Just don't try any of the stunts you see in the video above at home…

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