InControl Touch Pro Now Supports Tile's Bluetooth Technology

As you may recall from our previous post entitled "Never Fumble for Keys Again with the Jaguar XJ," we're all about helping our drivers become more efficient. Now, Jaguar is integrating support for Tile -- you know, the Bluetooth tracking device you can use to keep track of your keys, wallet, or anything of importance.

With the power of Tile, you can program which item you would like to track and it will notify you if you're about to leave without one of them. Attach a tile to your sports bag or laptop, for instance, and you'll never arrive to the gym or the office unprepared again.

In order for you to take advantage of these convenient features, your Jaguar must be equipped with the InControl Touch Pro display. If you have it, you can go head and download the Tile app. If not, we have an entire showroom full of new Jaguar models. Come visit our showroom for a test drive today.


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