Ian Callum on the Jaguar XE's Design

"If someone said to me, 'Design a car that looks very static and, let's say, conservative...' I don't want to use the word safe, because all the connotations, but safe in terms of its character, [a car] that's going to look tame. I could design that. But it wouldn't be a Jaguar."

Ian Callum is a talented man. He wouldn't be Jaguar's chief designer if he wasn't. And now, you can read an interview with him, conducted by Fast Company, about Jaguar design, specifically that of the new XE. To do so, just follow the link below. And to read up on the XE, visit the Jaguar website: http://www.jaguarusa.com/all-models/xe/index.html. The sport sedan, which starts at $34,900 and features innovative aluminum architecture, certainly has a whole lot to offer.



Learn more about the XE and feast your eyes on our current Jaguar offerings at Jaguar Exeter, located at 158 Epping Road. You'll be glad you did!

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