New Jaguar Vehicle Computer System Learns as you Drive

If you are one of the types of people who loves to really get the most out of their personal tech devices, then this latest development from the Jaguar Land Rover laboratories will certainly be of interest. It appears as though our favorite automaker has created a "self-learning intelligent" car that has the ability to access your daily schedule from your phone, and automatically remind you about important events, as well as help you get there.

Imagine you are swamped at the office but need to make it to your kid's soccer game at 5:00. This new built-in system will send you a text message from your car when you need to leave in order to beat the current traffic (which it monitors). It will even suggest alternate routes and shortcuts to help you shave seconds off your commute. Of course the system is much bigger than that. Just check out this video for all the details:

Pretty mind-blowing stuff. Now it is just a matter of time before a production version of this software comes around and we will be seeing it in the new Jaguar vehicles in our showroom here at Jaguar Exeter.

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