Jaguar All-Wheel-Drive


Available on XJ and XF models with the 3.0L V6 supercharged engine, Instinctive All Wheel Drive™ employs an active power transfer control technology that enhances traction while retaining the sporty agility and steering feel well known in Jaguar vehicles.

Development and Testing

Jaguar engineers conducted significant testing and fine-tuning to ensure that Instinctive All Wheel Drive™ offers a driving experience on par with Jaguar rear-wheel-drive models. Torque split can range from most of the torque to the rear wheels to as much as 50% to the front if the rear axle has very low grip, optimizing traction as well as sporty handling and agility. Development included testing on snow and ice, wet conditions, high-speed tests and limit handling. In addition, significant suspension tuning was also conducted to retain signature Jaguar performance.

Mode Selection

The Instinctive All Wheel Drive™ system incorporates a choice of three selectable driving modes to fit road conditions and your desired driving experience:

1. Normal Mode: When Normal Mode is selected, the system varies traction from front to rear, sending up to 100% of torque to the rear wheels in normal driving conditions for an enhanced performance experience.

2. Winter Mode: In Winter Mode, the all wheel drive system is more pre-emptive, defaulting to a 30% torque distribution to the front wheels, to ensure optimal grip on snow or other low-traction surfaces.

3. Dynamic Mode: This mode offers a more dynamic version of Normal Mode, ensuring a refined drive at higher speeds in low-traction conditions.


    All-new 340 HP supercharged Jaguar V6
    Fuel-saving stop/start technology
    ZF® eight-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission